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At House Cleaning Singapore, a leading home cleaning services company in Singapore, we offer professional yet affordable home cleaning services to all types of residences in Singapore, including HDBs, Condo apartments and Landed properties.

Why engage HouseCleaning.sg for your cleaning services?

Picture this:

After a day’s hard work you return home at 10pm… you are both tired mentally and physically…. and all you wanted to do is to take a hot shower, slip into your pajamas and sink right into the comfort of your velvet sofa to watch your favorite pre-recorded TV series. And of course, not forgetting to sip into a cup of warm peppermint tea to go along with your favorite low-calorie snack.

Truth be told, in reality, most of us are facing with a different scenario:

Feeling exhausted from a day’s hard work, you return home late at night only to be greeted by:

  • Dusty floors
  • Unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink
  • Basket full of unwashed laundry
  • Basket full of clothing yet to be pressed
  • Dirty toilets

You had put off those dreadful house chores for a couple of days as you had to stay late in office to for an urgent project completion. You returned home late at night, tired and strained from a full day’s work but had to stare helplessly on the chores that were getting piled up.

If you are facing the above situation, you are not alone, and help is available, its time to engage help from the professionals!


Regardless if you need house cleaning services due to:House-Cleaning-Singapore

  • One-time home cleaning
  • Moving in / out cleaning
  • Regular / Weekly home cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning before festive seasons
  • Part Time home cleaner
  • Before / After home party cleaning
  • Tenancy hand-over
  • House Valuation Cleaning
  • Post Renovation Cleaning


Our experienced cleaners from House Cleaning Singapore will always be there to assist and get the job done for you.

Our Services include:

  • Ad-hoc house cleaning
  • One time house cleaning
  • Weekly house cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning Services

Our Main Job Scope covers the following:House-Cleaning-Singapore1

1. Sweeping and vacuuming
2. Mopping of floor
3. Dusting of Furniture
3. Wipe cabinets external surfaces, interior are wiped if they are empty.
4. Wipe and clean wall fittings eg mirrors, paintings
5. Cleaning Kitchen – sinks, counter tops, dusting external surfaces of appliances
6. Cleaning toilets – Wash and mop floor, toilet bowls, basin and bathtubs.

3 top reasons why customers continue to engage HouseCleaning.sg:

1) Your Time is Precious

In the fast-paced country like Singapore, time can be spent in building up relationships, connecting with friends and loved ones, reading a book or even watching a movie. Leave your house chores to the professionals.

2) Professional Help offers peace of mind

Having your home cleaned by professionals offer you the peace of mind without you worrying whether the job gets done properly. At HouseCleaning.sg, our cleaners are well-trained in cleaning your floor, furniture and toilet to ensure they are free from dust and bacteria.


3) HouseCleaning.sg Offers Competitive market rate prices

Whether it is for the one-time or weekly house cleaning services, our rates are kept at a reasonable rate comparable to the market rate in Singapore. Please be assured that our quality is not compromised!

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