6 Tips for Making Home Cleaning Quick and Enjoyable

Cleaning can be fun

Cleaning can be fun

It is quite common for household cleaning to be the job that everyone despises. It takes up time, effort, and no one really wants to get down and dirty with cleaning the toilet. But there are a few things that you can do to make an effort that will leave your cleaning process enjoyable, as well as taking less time. Once you put these into your cleaning routine, you will be surprised at how you feel about cleaning then.

  1. Put on Music. Everything always goes a little easier if you listen to some of your favorite songs. By putting music on in the background, you will focus less on the task at hand, and more on your favorite singer. This will ultimately make it seem like the cleaning goes by faster.
  2. Break it down. If you live in a house, take it one room at a time. This will make the overall job seem less intense, and you will stop focusing on everything that you have to do. By taking it room by room, you can finish one task before starting another, so you will not be distracted by all the rooms at once.
  3. Start at the Top. It will be easier for you to start at the top of the room, like dusting shelves or cleaning cupboards, and work your way down. This makes it easier for you to plan, and you can leave the heavy duty floor work for the very end. If you keep up the pattern, you will find it is more enjoyable than cleaning willy-nilly.
  4. Get the family involved. Making cleaning a family chore will mean that ultimately, everyone does less work, so the job goes by quicker. If you plan a fun family activity for the end of the job, this gives everyone incentive to do their part and make it go by faster. It means more family fun, and you are not stuck doing everything yourself.
  5. Make a list. If you are super unorganized when it comes to your chores, make yourself a list. This will give you an exact plan of what needs to be done, and then you waste less time trying to remember what it is that you wanted to do in each room, making your job go by faster.
  6. Talk to Someone. If you need something to distract you while you clean, or something to make it go by faster, call a friend or family member on the phone and talk to them while cleaning. It is actually quite enjoyable as you can get caught up on all the latest gossip, while making sure your home gets cleaned in the process.

No one loves to clean their house, but it is a chore that needs to be done. The good news is that you can make the whole job enjoyable and easy to get through by keeping in mind a few special tips. No cleaning job is going to be very fun, but these tips will make it seem like it goes by in a flash, leaving you a lot of free time to relax and kickback.

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