7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home Cleaning

Keeping a clean home is something to be proud of. While it may take a lot of work to make sure your home is clean and spotless, we also recommended some cleaning tools which makes your cleaning effortless. Cleaning may be tiring but when you can come home to a nice spotless house every night, you will ultimately feel better when you start to relax. But even people who have been cleaning for many years can make some mistakes when they do their cleaning.

Using the right cleaning is important

Avoid using the wrong tool in your cleaning

It is important to recognize them so that you can change the pattern if you find yourself doing them.

  1. Scrubbing. If you find that there is a stain on the carpet, like something was just spilled, it is important to remember that you should not scrub them out. That will actually make your problem worse. Instead, you should gently pat them with a towel so the liquid absorbs into the towel from the carpet. This will keep it from setting into the carpet permanently.
  2. Using Vinegar or Lemon Juice. Just because these two ingredients are very good at cleaning things, does not mean you should use them all the time. They are actually not any milder than a cleaning detergent, meaning you can actually ruin some surfaces, like stone, by scrubbing with them.
  3. Using the wrong tool. You could be using the wrong tool to clean a certain area. Getting the correct sponges to use when you are doing dishes can ensure that you keep your glasses and plates looking their best. For heavy duty washing, you want something with a little grit to it, where as for delicate glasses and bowls, a regular sponge is best.
  4. Using too much solution. Just because the phrase “more is better” works in some cases, using cleaning products is not one of them. You should not always use more of the solution because this is just wasteful. You will end up spending more money in the long run, and it will not make a difference in your actual cleaning outcome.
  5. Polishing Wood with Polish. Nowadays, new wood pieces of furniture are treated with at coat that will help seal in the wood and protect it from scratches and nicks. If you use the polish on these pieces, you are not doing yourself any good. It will only make it greasy. Only polish older pieces that have been around for awhile.
  6. Not reading the Labels of products. If you are using any new products for the first time, reading the product labels and the directions of use is of paramount importance, or you may end up damaging your furniture or floor surfaces and suffer monetary loss. When reading the labels, be mindful especially on information that indicates the amount to use or apply, or the type surface it is targeted for or any type of surfaces to avoid.
  7. Not wearing enough gears during Cleaning. Many cleaning agents may contain harmful chemicals that may be harmful to your skin. Hence if you are cleaning tough stains using strong cleaning solutions especially for ovens, kitchen tops or toilet bowls, be sure to have a pair of rubber gloves in place to protect your hands from any excessive exposure of harmful chemicals to your skin.

Keeping yourself from making cleaning mistakes ensures that you will actually have a better looking household. By remembering to avoid these seven things, you will have less product wasted, and a better and cleaner household. It is silly to keep committing certain things that will ultimately cause you more time and money while you are cleaning.

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