8 Tips for Cleaning up your wardrobe

Cleaning out the wardrobe can be a long process, but regardless of if you are a man or a woman, it is important to make sure that you clean out the wardrobe often enough to keep your clothes looking professional and just what you need for the work life and personal life.

Wardrobe with men's shirt

Wardrobe with men’s shirt

Here are eight tips that anyone can follow to have a successful time at cleaning the wardrobe.

  • Look at it. Before you start to clean anything, look at the wardrobe before you dig in. This is the time to evaluate what you want to do and just where you should start. This will help you breakdown the process to be more successful at cleaning.
  • Find some Boxes. You will want to have plenty of bags or boxes nearby so you can sort what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. This will make the cleanup go faster and more efficiently.
  • Go by Area. Start at the top or start at the bottom, not both. Take it one rack at a time or one drawer at a time to not be too overwhelmed.
  • Don’t put it off. If you know you have to do it, don’t keep procrastinating and wasting time. You just have to dive in and do it.
  • Think about it. When you sort your clothes, think about what is actually going to make you happy to keep and what won’t. If it will not bring joy, get rid of it, no matter what it is.
  • Don’t get distracted. When looking at certain items do not drag up the past and get sentimental about anything. This will keep you from getting rid of things that you need to.
  • Be Proud. When you have accomplished your task of cleaning, be proud of what you did and be happy for yourself. Even better, find an opportunity to reward yourself for the job well done. You will most likely keep up with this good habit in the future.

It can be a long process and no one really loves to do it, but it is important to clean out the wardrobe annually. You will live a more organized life, and you will have less stress from all of the clutter that you look at when you get dressed every morning. You should be proud of your hard work and enjoy it.

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