8 Tips for new Tenancy pre move-in cleaning

Renting your home can be a wonderful thing to do. Whether it is your HDB home, condo or a house, as a landlord you will want to make sure that you have everything cleaned and ready for the next tenant to move into the place. There is nothing worse than not cleaning the place that you will be renting. It shows a severe lack of concern and will probably show the new tenants that you are a bad landlord.

Cleaning tips before renting out your house

Cleaning tips before renting out your house

There are eight key tips to remember so you get the entire place cleaned to the way that you want it, and the whole process of the next move in can go smoothly.

  • Check the Utilities. You want to do a complete check of the plumbing, electricity, heating, and air before anyone moves in. This will save you trouble and time down the road if they find something needs fixing and you can’t get it done then. Doing it before your tenant moves in saves everyone the trouble.
  • Clean the Toilets. For your tenancy pre move-in cleaning, it is absolutely necessary you have the toilets thoroughly cleaned up before your new tenant moves in. You will want focus areas including the toilet bowls, sinks, shower area and walls to ensure they are completely cleaned up. This will ensure that your new tenants are getting a clean space and they are going to appreciate this effort the landlord has put in, even if the previous tenant did not do a good job.
  • Cleaning the floors. Whether there is carpet or hardwood floor, you will want to thoroughly clean each floor so you can rid the place of any old dust or dirt. This is actually a great time for you to change the look of the house or apartment and give it a new look. If you have carpets, this would be a great time to do so while tenants are not moved in yet.
  • Clean the Fridge. If you are not replacing your current fridge, it would be a good idea to have it cleaned up before the next new tenant moves in. An unclean fridge may be a source of bacteria which may be detrimental to the health of your new tenants. Many tenants, especially those with kids would want to clean fridge before anything else because it is a place where they will be storing their food. A clean fridge is absolutely necessary for your new tenants if you want to keep them happy and satisfied.
  • Wipe down kitchen cupboards. Your new tenants will not want to put their clean dishes and cutlery in dirty kitchen cupboards. Take a sponge with some soap and wipe down the cupboards. This will help you keep every corner of your house clean.
  • Change locks. To keep you from having any lawsuits filed against you, you should change the locks on the doors. This keeps the new tenants happy and you can ensure that no other stray keys are out there floating around for people to use on the doors.
  • Make Repairs. If you notice there is something broken, whether it is a light bulb not working or taps malfunctioning, you should fix it before anyone moves in. This will keep you from having any major problems later, and it will make the new tenants happy when they walk into their new home.
  • Have the Air Con units serviced. Typically tenants renting the whole apartment would need to have the air-con units serviced once every quarter. If you have any designated air-con servicing company, it would be wise to have them service your air con before you lease out your unit. You can hand your new tenants the receipts indicating the ‘last service date’ and the company providing you the air-con servicing, and have your new tenants contact the same company for the next servicing.

As a landlord you need to take care of a lot of things, and cleaning the place before someone moves in is important. You have to have everything set up and ready for the new tenants when they do move in and by cleaning up, you show them that you will be a reliable and easy to get along with landlord. This will make everyone happier in the future.

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