8 Tips to Best Organise Your Storeroom

For most of us, storeroom is an area we chuck any items we cannot find space for, but for some it can be an area we place our prized ‘hobby items’. Nevertheless, it’s a space we don’t visit on a daily basis and can be ignored. Overtime, it may turn into messy clutters which can make item searches a painful process.

Some use storerooms for hobby items

Some use storerooms for hobby items

Follow these tips so that you can get your messy store fixed

Most Singaporeans live in HDB (Housing and Development Board) housing flats and the HDB storerooms can be extremely small.  Some of these storerooms, which can also be designed as ‘bomb shelters’, measure only around 6ft x 4ft in size. Hence, it make sense to utilize the storage area to its full capacity.

Implement these eight tips to ensure that your storeroom looks tidy always despite its size.

  1. Subdivide the tasks

Break your task of organizing your storeroom into manageable bits. Particularly, if the room has not been arranged for a year and it has many things, then you need more than a day to arrange it. Therefore, dividing your tasks into small bits that are manageable will keep you interested in working unlike a huge heap of materials to need to be organized.

  1. Empty and clean

Remove everything from your storeroom and clean it thoroughly. Dirty surfaces attract pests. This is the part you may want to engage House Cleaning Singapore cleaners to assist.  Also, consider painting the storeroom to brighten it. It is not easy to neglect an attractive room.

  1. Sort and edit

To ensure that you organize your small storeroom properly, remove all the items in the store and arrange them into categories. This ensures that you will organize your storeroom well in such a manner that you can access items in the store easily.

No matter how small your storeroom is, ensure that you keep the space not more than three-quarters full. This ensures that you can move around in the store easily.

  1. Assess and equip

Measure your storeroom and divide it into categories of your items. Though most storerooms are extremely small, it important to know exactly the amount of storage space you have for easier placement of your items in the store.

  1. Utilize wall storage

You should go beyond just shelving units. Explore other options like the wire racks as they may prove more practical for your needs in organizing your small storeroom.

  1. Safety should be a priority

If you opt for sturdy shelving or box storage, then make sure that you build heavy framed shelving with 2-by-4 studs and paintable wood. Measure the sizes of the items you want to store to ensure that you build a perfect match of your items.

  1. Make use of large sticker labels

Some items can be conveniently stuffed into carton boxes but you may find it tough to find them if you need them. Make sure you label the carton boxes indicating the items categories with either large printed fonts or simply have them hand-handwritten with dark markers. This should save you time for your search in future.

Make sure you label your cartons well

Make sure you label your cartons well

  1. Use the storeroom ceiling

Create a flange system with framing material on the ceiling and pack some of your items in containers and hung them on the flange system.

A storeroom is as important as any other room in your house. No matter how small it is, use the eight tips given to ensure that it is well organized.

To save time, you can always engage professional cleaners from House Cleaning Singapore to assist in the cleaning up your storeroom before you start planning and organizing the items inside. Call HouseCleaning.sg at 8695-0001 for an non-obligatory quote now.