One Time Cleaning

One-time House Cleaning Services

Maintaining your house cleanliness allows you and your family members to enjoy a healthy living environment. While house cleaning is a regular task, there are times when you might just want to opt for One-time house cleaning services.

We provide One-Time cleaning services

We provide One-Time cleaning services

When will it be a perfect occasion to get a One-Time House Cleaning Service?

After House Renovation

When contractors return you your new renovated home, you would want to make sure everything is cleaned up before you begin shifting furniture. The numerous tasks you undertake during the renovation period (eg. selecting the ideal lighting and furniture, shopping for fixtures and bathroom equipment, shortlisting the tiles etc) may have taken its toll on you, you may be too exhausted to thoroughly clean your newly renovated home. This calls for the need for professional help.

Home Party / Celebrations

When Home Parties or celebrations is just around the corner during festive periods, you may be too tied up with other preparations instead of cleaning up your house. This may be a perfect time you engage a part-time cleaner for help.

New Year Spring Cleaning

New Year Spring Cleaning is the period many roll up their sleeves to have their house cleaned thoroughly, that is where professional help is needed to assist you in lightening the workload so that you can focus on other equally important things such as decorating your home.

New Tenant Move-in

Once your exiting tenant moves out and a new tenant is due to move in your apartment, you will need to ensure the apartment is properly cleaned before handing the keys to them. A part time cleaner will come in handy.

You are moving out as a Tenant

If you have been renting an apartment and need to move out after contract ends, you will need to ensure the apartment is cleaned before returning the keys. While it is in your best interest to hand over a well-cleaned apartment so as to get back your rental deposit, it is best suggested to engage professional help in cleaning your house.

Scope of One Time Cleaning Service

1. Sweep and vacuum floor
2. Mopping of floor
3. Dusting of Furniture
3. Wipe cabinets external surfaces, interior are wiped if they are empty.
4. Wipe and clean wall fittings eg mirrors, paintings
5. Cleaning Kitchen – sinks, counter tops, dusting external surfaces of appliances
6. Cleaning toilets – Wash and mop floor, toilet bowls, basin and bathtubs.

Charges of One Time Cleaning Service

Our home cleaning Service charges:

One Cleaner Service:
From S$180 onwards  – Suitable for Studio Apartment or 1 room Flat < 600 sqft
From S$280 onwards – Suitable for HDB 2 room  or 2 room condo apartment between 600sqft to 800sqft

Two Cleaner Service:
From S$350 onwards – Suitable for HDB 4 room or 3 room condo apartment between 1000 sqft to 1200sqft
From S$450 onwards – Suitable for HDB 5 room or 3 bedroom condo apartments between 1200sqft to 1500sqft
From S$550 onwards – Suitable for HDB EA or MA or 4 bedrooms condo apartments between 1500sqft to 1700sqft

Three Cleaner Service:
From S$550 onwards – Suitable for 4 bedroom apartments between 1700sqft to 2000sqft
From S$680 onwards – Suitable for 5 bedroom apartments between 2000sqft to 2500sqft

Four Cleaner Service:
From S$880 onwards – Suitable for 1, 2 or 3 storey landed house 2500 to 3000sqft
From S$1080 onwards – Suitable for 3 storey landed house 3000 sqft to 3500 sqft

Larger Properties (4 or more cleaners): 

From S$1280 onwards – Suitable for landed houses betw 3500 to 5000 sqft
From S$1680 onwards – Suitable for 3 storey landed house 5000 sqft to 1000 sqft
From S$2500 onwards – For Good Class Bungalows.


1. There is an additional charge of S$50 for each cleaner for every hour extension.
2. The above rates are for weekdays cleaning, Additional S$50 per cleaner applies for weekend cleaning.

Clients to provide all cleaning tools and cleaning agents. Additional charges apply if cleaning tools and cleaning agents are to be provided by us.

We do not provide any disposal or removal services except on the rubbish removal after the cleaning.

Your Cleaning Appointment:

One to Two cleaner service: Please allow for at least 3 working days for us to confirm on your cleaning appointment.

Three Cleaners and above service: Please allow us at least 5 working days to confirm on your cleaning appointment.

For discounts on cleaning rates, check out our weekly cleaning services.

If you do not have time to do your laundry, we provide value-added dry cleaning services as well.

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