5 reasons why regular mattress cleaning is important

Amidst the challenging busy schedule families are facing, most find regular cleaning a challenge. While most families does their regular cleaning 2 to 3 times a week,  we rarely hear families, especially those with young kids skipping their house cleaning for more than a week.


With the help of domestic workers, many families would rather want their living spaces cleaned daily. However, when asked with the question “How often have your mattresses cleaned?”, we did not get a straightforward answers but rather blank stares or replies such as “oh, I didn’t know if mattresses can be cleaned…”. Sad to say, most didn’t even realize and are not educated about the importance of regular mattress cleaning.


Mattress Cleaning is important

While we may be cleaning and mopping our floor tiles few times weekly that we don’t sleep on, the thought of cleaning our mattress never came to our mind even though we sleep on it for 8 hours daily – What an irony! One reason many people felt that ‘it’s ok’ is due to the fact that they are changing the bed sheets regularly, and many lacked the knowledge that mattresses can be cleaned.

For many where are unaware, here’s 5 reasons why regular mattress cleaning is important for you and your family.

1. Dust Removal

We know that dust accumulates rapidly in the house and most often than not inside our mattresses that we sleep daily on. Although we may sweep and mop our floors regularly, many do not realize that dust accumulates fast on mattresses. By cleaning the mattress regularly, we can remove the dust deposited overtime inside your mattress, providing you and your family the peace of mind to sleep soundly.

2. House Dust mites elimination

House dust mites are microscopic bugs that live on our dead skin cells we shed regularly. Although they are harmless to most people, they may cause skin irritations for people who have skin allergies.

3. Better in-door air quality

As we spend close to one-third of our days on bed and inside our bedroom, it is of utmost importance we ensure good in-door air quality in the bedroom. Thousands of invisible fine particles deposited on our mattress will be released into the air the moment we lay down on our bed, which are then unknowingly inhaled.

Poor indoor air quality has been identified to be one of the causes detrimental to health resulting to conditions such as eye and throat irritation or even asthma.

4. Bed bugs elimination

Besides dust mites, bed bugs may have found their way inside our mattresses as well. Bed bugs feed on human blood and a bed bug bite causes rashes which may cause further damages to our skin. The best way of eliminating these harmful insects is to vacuum your mattress on a regular basis with strong vacuum intended for mattress cleaning.

5. Enhancing the health of entire family

Nothing beats the great feeling of being able to reside back to your clean and comfortable bedroom after a day’s hard work without having to worry about the presence of unwanted guests such as house dust mites and bed bugs. Having a clean and comfortable environment is critical in ensuring your kids grow up both physical.

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