5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

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5 TIps for home cleaning

5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

Home Cleaning may be a daunting task for many especially for many families where both husband and wife are busy in their working lives. The dreadful tasks are most often than not, scheduled only during late nights or weekends where precious times are needed more for family outings or friends gathering.

If you follow the 5 home cleaning tips below, having sparkling and clean home is no longer a far-fetched goal.

These tips may looking daunting but they can be taken one step at a time. If you take incremental actions, you will feel the satisfaction of accomplishment and in no time see the results you want.

1) Clearing up your clutter

Most homes, especially those with little ones are faced with a common challenge: A house full of clutter and messy items. The items can be placed at any corner of the house. If things are not put in their proper location, dust and dirt will accumulate overtime and the entire house will get even more difficult to clean. Hence, clearing these clutter will be the very first step in keeping your house clean. Furthermore with lesser clutter, you can reduce your cleaning time and spend time in other more important tasks. Remember: An hour saved is an hour gained.

Depending on your storage area, buy suitably sized storage boxes to contain the clutter. Buy labels and marking pen to label the boxes for easy search and retrieval.

2) Plan for your routine cleaning

Many start their chores only when they feel unbearable, like seeing days of unwashed dishes start piling up in the sink. Weekly 15-30 mins of cleaning is far more easy than 3 hours of bi-monthly cleaning. So it’s definitely wiser to plan your routine short cleaning sessions rather than longer ones.

3) Let home cleaning be a fun family affair

A great way to keep your house clean is to get all family members especially the kids involved. Discuss with your spouse and kids on your plan and ask them for suggestions. Schedule a weekly affair where the entire family member chips in to help clean the house. It may turn out to be a major activity that leads to family bonding. Studies has shown that kids who are involved in housework tend to appreciate more the efforts of their parents in raising them up and taking care of the household. Values, such as showing the appreciation and gratitude toward our parents,  are priceless.

4) Toilets and Bathrooms

Toilets and Bathrooms are places where bacteria thrive. Especially for families with young children, its a definite must where toilets and bathrooms are cleaned daily. If these are done on a daily basis, you may just need to spend a few minutes to clean your bathroom and toilet.

5) Engage the professionals

It could be that you are busy working over-time for the past few weeks, or you are out running your errands during the weekends or bringing your children for their weekend enrichment lessons – there is just not much time left for cleaning. Here is where you can engage professionals for help. House Cleaning Singapore engages trained and experienced cleaners who can do the job for you. You can arrange for a one-time cleaning or weekly cleaning depending your schedule, budget and needs. Remember – An hour saved is an hour earned.