6 Tools and Tips to make your home cleaning effortless

Trying to keep your home nice and clean be a significant issue, as it requires a lot of maintenance that some people just are not willing to put in; after all, cleaning is hard work! Nothing will magically fall in place or make your life any easier if you decide not to clean, so it’s important that you start making genuine changes that will leave a long lasting legacy on your property. Either you engage professional home cleaning companies for the periodic cleaning of your house, or you get yourself in the mood and mindset to do it on your own. If you plan to do the latter, the following tips will come in handy.

All of them are built around making cleaning your home nice and simple, removing all of the hard work and challenge that can come with doing the job in the first place.

White Cleaning Sponge

This could likely be a secret cleaning weapon for housewives especially for stubborn stains left on cooking stove, kitchen wall tiles, household appliances or even tough crayon makes left by toddlers that cannot be easily removed simply by cleaning agents and wipes.

While cleaning sponges are strong, tough and versatile. If you have not discovered this incredible tool, which may cut you cleaning time at least by half, its high time you give it a try and be amazed by its effectiveness.

White cleaning sponges are cheap and can be easily bought from supermarkets and budget stores in Singapore.

White Sponge are economical but powerful cleaning aids!

White Sponge are economical but powerful cleaning aids!

Depending on the manufacturer, the size varies but most comes elongated. To use, just cut one small, palm-sized piece that suits you, wet it and squeeze the excess water out. Rub the sponge over the stubborn stained area. Most stains are removed within seconds and you can just clean it off easily with cloth. Continue onto your next target by repeating the steps above; it will be helpful you have a pail of water near you so that you can dip in the sponge and squeeze the excess water out.

You will soon find out that the sponge crumbles and breaks apart after repeated. When it becomes too small and crumbled to be effective, its time to dispose and use a newly cut piece.

Fast Microwave Cleansing

Cleaning the oven is a breeze when you use vinegar as instructed!

Get a cup of vinegar, boil it in the microwave, and remove it once finished heating for a quick period of time. Clean the inside of the microwave – turned off obviously – with a damp cloth. You should find that the grease and any debris stuck inside will come right out!

Odour Removal

Are you sick of that weird smell in the fridge?  Then leave out some ground coffee in a bowl on a shelf of the fridge. This absorbs the bad smell and leaves you with a nice, fresh smelling fridge.

Grounded coffee are great for odour removal!

Grounded coffee are great for odour removal!

Ever tried to get clean your toilet with coca cola before? Then you’ll be in for a shock when you see just how effective it is at actually cleaning up! If you leave a penny in a cup of cola overnight it will become clean, so imagine what it can do to your toilet if you leave it sitting for a few hours! Don’t worry; the cola look will go away with a single flush so you can remove that ghastly look.

Lemon Removals

Did you know that a lemon is the perfect tool for removing water stains? If you have small nozzles in the bathroom, or your windows have metal latches, you can remove those constant water marks that make the metal look terrible by running half an orange across it.

Lemons are great for cleaning

Lemons are great for cleaning

With the above suggested tools, home cleaning can be as easy as 1-2-3, but you may still find it a challenge you can always get the professionals to help. House Cleaning Singapore is just a phone call away. Call 8695-0001 for a free estimation now.