7 Cleaning Tips before handing over your tenanted property to landloard

Apartment handover cleaning can be a breeze if you follow these 7 tips

Apartment handover cleaning can be a breeze if you follow these 7 tips

When most people clean, they only clean at eye level. But when you are preparing to clean a property in the process of handing over to a landlord, a complete deep clean is necessary. Providing a thorough clean also increases the likelihood that your landlord will return your original deposit in full. But keep in mind these seven cleaning tips before the apartment handover to your landlord and your final inspection will go completely stress-free.

Setting aside sufficient cleaning time. For starters, make sure that you set aside adequate time for you to completely clean the given space. For example, to sufficiently clean of a three-bedroom 1200sqft apartment may take just approximately two people almost eight hours to clean. Some tough stains in the kitchen or bathroom may take hours to remove if you have not been diligent enough to have them cleaned on a daily basis.

Do-it-yourself or engage the professionals. There are many professional home cleaning companies in Singapore who would do a great job at affordable prices. Many such companies engage seasoned and experienced cleaners who do handover property spring cleaning on a daily basis. If you are planning to clean the whole apartment by yourself to save some extra money, instead of engaging the cleaning professionals, the odds are heavily stacked against you in having a clean property for stress-free handover.

Have sufficient and suitable equipment and tools. There are a variety of other tips that should be observed if you plan on cleaning the property yourself. Having the proper equipment or tools handy when you plan on cleaning is a good idea, having ample amounts of cleaning cloths and cleaning solutions. Make sure that you are using cleaning solutions that are suitable and safe different areas of the apartment, for example bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms. You will need to pay special attention on cleaning polishes that are each different for flooring materials like hardwood, tile, marble and more.

Windows curtain and blinds cleaning. If your rented apartment uses easy washable curtains, you can simply wash them with the washing machine and hang them back in place for natural drying. If you have blinds of any kind, make sure to remove any dust or grease from both sides of the blinds as this is a common place many people forget to clean before leaving a rented space.

Cleaning of Walls. If you have pasted posters or decorations on the walls, make sure you have completely removed the posters and check for any residual marks left after the decorations are removed. Most walls can be easily cleaned with a pail of water and cloth.

Cleaning of Ovens and cookers. For these electrical appliance fixtures, if possible, pull them out from the walls and clean completely. Make sure you clean beneath gas knobs and burner caps. Then check your inventory and make sure each appliance including the oven has its necessary and required parts. Do the same with all other appliances in the house.

Inspect all lighting fixtures. This may not be part of the cleaning tips but you may want to leave this step last after you have completed your whole apartment cleaning. You may also need to ensure all electrical appliances or any other supporting structure is damaged free. If there are damages that you are unable to fix, have them noted down and inform the landlord on it. It is It is definitely better to inform your landlord in advance instead of leaving him find out on the damages himself.

With these tips, you handover of apartment will likely be stress-free but if you do not have sufficient time to do a thorough cleaning, you can always engage the cleaning professionals to handle the tasks for you. Just contact our friendly representative at 8695-0001 to get a competitive quote for your property handover cleaning.