How to Effectively Clean your Blinds


Every diligent person, and even the not so diligent ones, has come across the frustrating dilemma of finding the perfect way to clean their blinds.

Blinds, despite their distinct capability for beautification and privacy, can get undeniably dirty fast and for your information, not cleaning your blinds efficiently and thoroughly can pose serious chronic problems to your health in the long run.

Fortunately for you, in this article, we have got you covered on the best, most effective way of cleaning your blinds. There are a lot of types of blinds but in this article we will focus on several types: cloth shades, aluminium shades, wooden shades and blinds.

Here is an in-depth guide on how to clean your blinds effectively.

Cloth shades:

  1. Vacuum your fabric curtains regularly to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating too much.
  2. Have the components of your vacuum regularly cleaned and maintained as well.
  3. For vacuuming your curtains, make sure you use the lowest setting, starting from the top of the curtain, working your way down.
  4. Otherwise, remove the blinds, laying them flat on a towel to help it retain its form and structure.
  5. Create a very mild solution of detergent and water.
  6. Dip an old toothbrush into the solution and gently brush the blinds.
  7. Lightly remove any excess soap with a clean, damp cloth.
  8. Wait for the side to dry up before turning over to another side.
  9. Repeat Steps 4 to 8 on the other side.

Aluminium shades:

  1. Remove the blinds carefully from its placeholders.
  2. Place them a lukewarm bath tub filled either dishwashing detergent or baking soda-based water mixture.

Wooden shades:

  1. Vacuum or brush dust off with a clean dust cloth on a regular basis.
  2. Treat with lemon oil if needed.


  1. Close your blinds before cleaning them.
  2. Much like cloth shades, you can vacuum your blinds while making sure you are using the lowest setting.
  3. Again, start from the top of the curtain then work your way down.

For more general cleaning:

  1. Never spray directly unto your blinds. Always apply all-purpose cleaners with a clean, dry cloth instead.
  2. Do not oversaturate wooden blinds with any type of liquid solutions. Just use a moderate amount of solution to clean your blinds.
  3. You can also use a rubber sponge (as known as a dry sponge) to clean wooden blinds.

Just follow these steps and you may well be on your way to having the cleanest, most beautiful set of blinds in the neighbourhood!

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