How to select your trusted house cleaning company

Selecting a good cleaning company is vital

Selecting a good cleaning company is vital

To most people it is a tremendous struggle to keep their home clean, especially if they have to juggle time between work, family, kids, In-Laws, friends, leisure… the list goes on.

In recent years, many home cleaning companies have emerged to help ease the load from families needing professional help. With so many house cleaning companies available in the market, selecting the home cleaning company that best suits your needs may be a daunting task.

Here are some tips in choosing the right House Cleaning Company for yourself.

1. Cleaning Fees

While most prefer to look for the cheapest rate among the House Cleaning Companies, this may not always be the wisest move. While there are many house cleaning companies out there competing, many new setups would want to quickly grab share of the pie. What better way to gain the market share by offering the cheapest price available? If a House Cleaning company’s rates are surprisingly low compared with the market rates, we would recommend that you be extra careful. There are various costs involved in running cleaning agencies and if the prices are too good to be true, most often than not, they are.

Choose one that that has indicated their house cleaning charges on their website. Take special attention if there are any hidden charges mentioned in the website and check with their customer service personnels if there are any ‘registration fees’ or any other fees involved that are not stated on their website.

2. Cleaning Packages

Most cleaning companies offer several cleaning packages to cater to the differing needs of customers. Some customers may just require a one-time cleaning service, whereas some others may require a regular cleaning service where a dedicated team of cleaners will be dispatched to their homes on regular predetermined days and time-slots. The charges on the cleaning packages vary according to several factors, including the size of the house, number of rooms, whether extra cleaners are required and whether the cleaning sessions are arranged on weekdays or weekends.

3. Ease of Payment

While some cleaning companies accept cash payment terms, most would not want the cash money to be handed to their cleaning staffs to avoid the additional hassle of collecting the cash from their staffs. Hence, many may opt to allow customers to make online payments to confirm their cleaning slots. Payments made via Paypal has been very popular as it is a secured and safe mode of payment. For companies that only accepts cash payments, do ensure that official receipt is issued as a proof of your payment on their cleaning services made. If the payment is made via online channel, then the proof of payment will be mailed automatically to the customer.

4. Value-added services

As part of the value-added services to customers, some House Cleaning companies has expanded their capabilities to cater for additional home services. House Cleaning Singapore is one such company where it includes laundry and dry-cleaning services to cater for the busy professionals. Depending on the cleaning packages selected, customers are able to opt for weekly dry cleaning services where the laundry are collected on the day of the house cleaning appointment and returned, clean and pressed the following week. Additional discounts on dry-cleaning are given for premium cleaning packages selected.  With such value-added services added, customers benefit not just on the savings but time saved from the hassle of doing their laundry or have their laundry brought to nearby laundry shops. Check out the dry-cleaning rates offered by House Cleaning Singapore here: Dry Cleaning Rates