Should you engage House Cleaning Services even though you have a maid?

Everyone knows, in the fast-paced country like Singapore, much focus is placed on getting ahead in our career, making the first million, or nurturing our children to ensure that they will be ready to take on the challenges they’re going to face in the future, the list goes on…

Most will be drained once the thought of doing their housework comes to mind.


For many families, especially those with younger children, it makes sense to employ a full-time maid to relieve them on their daily routine housework. Many sees the advantage of not just having the maid doing the housework but also having someone watch over the young ones. But should families with maids engage professional house cleaning services ?

The answer is a big “YES”! Here why:

1. House Cleaning Services complements your maids daily work

From 1st Jan 2014, the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has stipulated that all maids must be given a weekly day off or to be compensated a day’s wages instead. While many families are concerned on the negative reports of maids behaving badly after they started to get their day-offs, many would rather compensate their maid a day’s wages instead of granting them day-offs.

Other families would view it as an opportunity to grant maids their deserved day-offs and look for ways to fill in the gap and plan for the housework on the day when their maid is not around.

The majority of the tasks can be passed on to professional house cleaning companies on the maid’s day off. Families can engage weekly cleaning services for their weekly regular cleaning needs during their maid’s day-offs.

In this way, the benefits are two-fold: First, letting the maid have her well-deserved rest and break thus allowing them to come back recharged for the work next week. Second, not compromising the daily housework that would otherwise need to be completed by the maid the following day if she has taken a day off.

2. Allowing your maid to focus on some non-regular tasks

Many tasks in the household need not be carried out on a daily basis; some needs to be handled on a weekly basis and some, on a monthly basis. On such days where the maids are doing work like gardening, dismantling blinds and curtains for their monthly wash, or helping employers pack their essentials for their upcoming overseas holiday,  families can opt for one-time cleaning services from house cleaning companies.

3. Relieves your maid her workload on special occasions

Say you are holding a Christmas party for some of your close friends. Besides the pre-cleaning work that needs to be done, the preparations before the event may involve many various activities like cooking, wrapping of gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, arrangement
of furniture or buying your list of last-minute items from the grocery. Your maid may be too tied up on so much activities that may easily drain her out.

Having  professional cleaners coming in to do the house work on such ocasions will definitely relieve the maid’s load, allowing her to focus on other important tasks such as your Christmas party preparation.

Remember, the benefits of you engaging professional cleaners so as not to tire her out out-weigh the costs: Your maid will definitely appreciate you as an employer who cares for her well-being. A appreciative and grateful maid is a happy and productive one.