Tips on Cleaning your Desktop Computer


A clean desktop computer helps you to work in better spirits

A Clean Desktop Computer helps you to work in better spirits

There are two types of people in this world: those who clean their desktop computers and those who do not. The only difference is that only the first type of people mentioned reaps the satisfying reward of having a functional, efficient computer at optimum performance from all their laborious work of cleaning them.

Unfortunately, most people do not place desktop computer cleaning as important as their routine house cleaning where they can engage professional house cleaning companies for the latter, much do it on a regular basis. Here are some tips to make your desktop computer cleaning easier.

Here are some tips to make you desktop computer cleaning easiler. infinitely cleaner.

  1. Consult your desktop computer owner’s manual.

Not all instructions and tips you may find in the internet may apply to your desktop computer so before any other guide, even including this article, make sure you always consult your desktop computer owner’s manual for more specific and personalized instructions for cleaning your desktop computer.

  1. Never use a vacuum cleaner for your desktop computer.

Using a vacuum cleaner, a device that much like any other device generates static, can damage the components of your desktop computer.

  1. Always turn off and unplug your desktop computer before cleaning.

Never forget to turn off and unplug your desktop computer and any other devices plugged to it before you start cleaning them. This will prevent your devices, your desktop computer included, from short circuiting.

  1. Never use any cleaners that contain alcohol and ammonia.

The destructive chemicals such as but not limited to ammonia, ethyl alcohol, ethyl acid, methyl chloride and acetone found in some cleaners can pose significant damage to your desktop computer. When in doubt, use a gentle cleaner, like water, to clean devices you feel unsure about cleaning with stronger, general-purpose cleaners.

  1. Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning your desktop computer.

The difference between using a normal, cotton-based cloth and using a microfiber one is that microfiber cloth works in a way that it picks up the dirt from your desktop computer’s surfaces and traps it inside the fibre pattern found in the cloth. This means a microfiber cloth is the best choice to use for more delicate surfaces, just like the ones found in your desktop computer system.

  1. Never distort your cables in any way while cleaning them.

Bending, stretching, twisting and any other variant of distortion and pressure can significantly, not to mention permanently, destroy your cords and cables’ internal components. Make you use a soft cloth while only gently pulling the cable while cleaning through it.

So having said all these helpful tips in cleaning your desktop computer, make sure you become the type of person who cleans his desktop computer. Your desktop computer will repay you for it. To check out our other useful articles as well for your cleaning needs.