Why Choose Us

Why does our clients choose cleaning services from us?

House Cleaning Singapore is a professional cleaning Company

House Cleaning Singapore is a professional cleaning Company

At House Cleaning Singapore, besides provide One-Time Cleaning Services, Weekly Cleaning Services as well as our value-added Dry Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves the following strengths that keeps our customers happy:

Affordable Rates – We are a professional home cleaning services company with affordable rates.

High Quality Service –  We pride ourselves in providing high quality and efficient cleaning services. Engage us to find out!

No hidden costs – All costs and fees are stated, there are no surprises or ‘fine print’ where you will be handed at the end of the cleaning. Furthermore there is no registration or agent referral fees.

Fast Response – We provide quick response to clients’ enquiries and are always contactable  24/7

Flexibility to customers – We provide both non-contract or contract services, allowing flexibility for clients

Peace of mind – We have flexible working arrangements with our cleaners so that during peak seasons, we have a large pool of cleaners to ensure we are able to cater for the increase in demand for our cleaning services. So customer can have a peace of mind!